Evidence all around us

With reference to Neil Harvey (Letters, October 25) saying there is no evidence of climate change. It's all around you literally. Extremes, weather changes and melting ice.

It's not a right wing or left wing discussion.

Let's start with a 'right-wing' person - senior scientist James Black employed at Exxon Oil.

In 1977 his research team produced a slideshow for the directors.


He stated that CO2 from fossil fuels was warming the planet and potentially catastrophic effects by the critical year 2050.

His documentary was supported by huge amounts of data, graphs etc.

When the directors realised years later that this was so, they went in overdrive to cast doubts on the evidence (couldn't say he was wrong though the tobacco industry practised similar tactics for their product).

In 1997 I could stay out on the beach with my family at the Mount all day. Now you cannot stay out for 30 minutes without protection.

Check another scientist James Hansen and his group from NASA 1988. Reports to Senate - Global Warming has begun.

The media frequently report 99 per cent of scientists agree (perhaps the other 1 per cent would have agreed, but they fell off the flat earth?).

Dr Black said to expect to have a four foot ( just over a metre) rise in sea level. Around the world, millions of acres of coastline have already gone.

Everywhere you look there is heat burning off. Even this computer.


I have lived in cities where you can't even see your outstretched hand, the taste of sulphur in your mouth.

Since some regulation have been implemented, the air we breathe is much better I don't need proof, I feel it.

Why not err on the safe side because using fewer fossil fuels will make breathing easier if nothing else.

Here's for mine and your grandchildren's future.

Pat Dillon

Right call

I write to applaud the statement reported in your Saturday October 27 edition by Mayor Greg Brownless that road development must come first to support increased traffic flows from subdivisions.

Well done, sir!

Michael Rice

Welcome Bay lane

Mr Mason (Letters, October 28) is right to criticise council over the delay in opening Welcome Bay Lane.

Three months is a ridiculous length of time to consider the decision when the solution is obvious.

Provide a new entrance to the lane on to the turning circle and close the existing entrance to all but cyclists and pedestrians.

The new left turn will then be no more dangerous than all the other ones on Welcome Bay Road to cyclists as they will have the right of way over motorists when passing the side road.

Dan Russell