We need more roads

As a supporter of the "Fix our Bloody Road" campaign the announcement that the Northern Link (News, October 25) will now proceed is, in my view, just attempting to be a con job.

No starting date has been announced and also the road is now going to be just two lanes rather than the four lanes announced, by the NZ Transport Agency, under the former Government.

It seems to me that the only thing that the current Government has taken into account is that it wants to stifle the Fix our Bloody Road campaigners by making a commitment that has no start date and even when it does ever start, unlike the Eastern Arterial, will be a road of a significantly lower standard.


It's all very well to make safer roads but with a reported 315 additional vehicles being added to New Zealand roads every week we also desperately new and more roads.

Mike Baker

Well done

The organisers of the dragon boats regatta at the Lakes on Saturday should take a bow.

Participants, supporters and spectators in great numbers came again this year for a day of fun and competition to enjoy at the splendid facility offered at the Lakes.

At the conclusion, not a wrapper, carton, can or bottle to be seen in evidence, and the area was left as it should be.

The Lakes has much to offer, and visitors like this are more than welcome. Well done everyone.
Vic Sterling
The Lakes