A new investigation into Tauranga City Council's building inspection team in the wake of the Bella Vista Homes saga will be completed by Christmas.

The investigation begins this week and will be headed by retired judge Graeme Colgan.

The council was already being investigated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment after 21 Bella Vista homeowners were urgently evacuated in March. An incoming storm prompted fears for the safety amid shoddy workmanship on the homes, approved by inspectors.

"We want to find out why," Tauranga mayor Greg Brownless told the Bay of Plenty Times today.


"We know the 'how things happened' but we want to know why. That's the next step in the process."

For Brownless, the council investigation came as some relief that "questions are finally going to be asked in a proper forum".

Brownless said he would have preferred the investigation started much earlier but the council's first priority was taking care of the affected residents.

"We've made what we think is a reasonable offer and trying to do right by them. They may, or may not, agree."

Brownless said he wanted an investigation "right from the beginning" but rules and regulations also stifled progress.

"I've always said I want to know what happened and why - warts and all. I would say all the councillors would feel the same."

It was expected to be completed by Christmas, he said.

In a statement released today , the council states it was continuing to work towards a resolution for affected Bella Vista homeowners. Of the 21, one homeowner had already settled.

Meanwhile, MBIE visited Tauranga as part of a technical investigation and review into the policies and procedures surrounding the council's regulatory role with a view to understanding how and why the Bella Vista subdivision failed.

The review was being overseen by senior MBIE officials and overseen by acting manager of building system assurance Paul Hobbs. This investigation was expected to be done by next month.