I've always loved music.

I used to religiously record my favourite music videos when they featured on the RTR Countdown, which was hosted by Robert Rakete, and record songs on the Top 8 at 8 on to a cassette tape most nights.

Whitney Houston's purple dress and permed hair on the video for I Wanna Dance with Somebody, Karen White's Superwoman, Natalie Cole's Pink Cadillac, Debbie Harry's I Want That Man, and songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Guns N'Roses, Stevie Wonder, Prince and The Drifters take me back to fond memories of my childhood.

Music is a powerful tool - it can transform people's moods, take you back in time and create an exciting ambience.


I remember my Walkman, progressing to a Discman and travelling to Auckland to attend my first international artist concert at 17. It's a love I've handed down to my 10-year-old daughter - who by the time she was 7 had attended Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna concerts and continues to love the concert experience to this day.

And with some of the biggest names in music coming to the Bay, I've never been more excited to be living in Tauranga.

Over the past two weeks my excitement has peaked and there are probably very few artists who will likely be able to top what we're in for already.

Trey Songz - one of my favourite current R&B artists - was announced for Tauranga a few weeks ago and it immediately took me back to an album release party I went to in the Gold Coast for Chapter V. It's definitely one I won't be missing.

Next came the announcement rock legends Toto would perform in Tauranga in the summer. More good news for music lovers in the Bay.

When Dionne Warwick was announced this week, I got excited that this would be a concert I'd be able to share with my daughter. We started watching music videos such as That's What Friends Are For and I Say A Little Prayer, and she's now just as excited as I am.

Then came Cardi B - someone you can't avoid in music today, a massive name in the entertainment world - and the fact she is coming to Tauranga is enormous news for the city as a whole. With the social media following Cardi B has, she has the potential to take Tauranga to a whole other level of exposure - and that's exciting!

How good is the city we are living in to be able to attract some of the world's most prominent performers? Thankfully there are people working hard behind the scenes selling our city to these stars and let's hope we can put on just as good a show for them as they will for us.


Fingers crossed every fan gets in behind these artists and supports them so we can continue to secure even more names and make an even bigger name for ourselves as a city.