Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless has defended the city council's offer to Bella Vista homeowners.

Brownless spoke on Newstalk ZB this morning, saying the homeowners made it clear they wanted full market value "and in some ways that may not be unreasonable, but Bella Vista homes has to bear some responsibility, not just the council".

The offers are believed to have been sent to the owners of the 21 homes affected by the failed subdivision last night, offering the price homeowners initially paid plus expenses.

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Brownless said the council sought advice on what to base the offers on and defended the 47 days it took to make the offer.

"We do think we worked as fast as possible. We did communicate, although some homeowners said we didn't, at least a couple of times during that time. But I understand... it's an emotionally difficult time, and they are going to be frustrated."

Brownless said he hoped homeowners would accept the offer or negotiate directly with the council which was "open to listen to arguments".

"Our desire is to avoid court. It just gets the lawyers rich. But in the end, we have to stand up for the interest of all ratepayers who are possibly footing part of this bill.

"It's just not easy."

Homeowners said at the time they wanted the offer set at market value as if there were no defects.