Welcome to the Welcome Bay Underpass merry-go-round. Yes, in my view Tauranga City Councillor Grainger is dead right about going back to where we were before the underpass opened.

Why was this problem not recognised or envisaged beforehand, was there no planning?

Councillor Grainger, as a proponent for the underpass and elected on this platform to the council 11 years ago, must surely have kept his eye on the ball and seen this mess coming?

Perhaps not.

We now have the, in my opinion, inane bus lane designated on Hairini St for minimal buses, which clogs up the Maungatapu roundabout, and we also have an additional underpass lane going onto the Hairini Bridge which bottlenecks the traffic.


Then we have the lunacy of putting coastal traffic through the underpass circling around.

Frankly, it would be a better bet to leave Hammond St bypass open (upgrade) and take traffic from there down to the lights.

The reality is that the whole debacle cannot work until four-laning Hairini Bridge, Turret Rd and 15th Ave is put in place. In my opinion, any time Tauranga City Council or NZ Transport Agency get involved in anything, the whole thing becomes a shambles characterised by delays, spiralling costs, and misguided deals.

S Paterson

A bit rich

I write in response to Margaret Murray-Benge (Letters, July 17) whereby she says SH2 planning is ready but for some reason, the Government will not approve to start the upgrade etc.

The comment: "Make a decision Minister Twyford, we deserve progress," is a bit rich.

The now Opposition party was in power for nine years and for many of those years, Simon [Bridges] was Minister of Transport.

Norman Tāne