Get over racism

Let's get the racist message across.
I wholeheartedly agree with the prompt dismissal of the two salesmen regarding the voicemail message left on Narelle Newdick's phone. However I myself have been in the past referred to as a honky by Maori people, but that goes unaddressed. I'm also of Irish descent and every year on the 17th of March it seems okay for everyone to take the mickey out of my race, and I find that racist. I think it's time to get over the racist thing and move on because it ain't going away.
Alan Ryan
Welcome Bay

Police needed urgently

After the events of recent times, I am sure we must all agree that we do need more police urgently. The surge in road accidents takes so many police resources, not to mention the crime, and we certainly have plenty of that. Add to that our dreadful child abuse cases, plus domestic abuse. The population increase has to be added to the mix. Thankfully we are still able to dial 111 and get an instant response.
C Ross

Climate change natural

It is reported that Ron Marks blamed the near capsize of a RNZN ship on climate change. He, being a military man, should not base his conclusions on conjecture. Has he not heard of the disappearance of the Waratah about 100 years ago?
I am surprised a ship was sent into an area of the ocean for which it was not designed.
It is also my understanding that any seagoing vessel should face waves head-on to avoid this situation.
I have given the issue of climate some thought and note nature is inherently cyclical: Day to night, summer to winter, and it may be seen from records that there are warm and cold cycles through the ages. The Thames River in London is known to have frozen over in the 18th Century, but there was also the medieval warm period in about AD 1100.
In my opinion, whilst climate change is indeed happening, it is part of the normal, natural long-term cycle.
I do not feel humans are solely responsible for climate change, although we do aggravate it by excessive fossil fuel consumption.
Our biggest concern is that we are more likely to drown in our own waste - plastic, tyres and other rubbish.
Humans are more likely to die of constipation than of heat stroke.
Chris Pattison