16th Avenue Theatre's latest production 'Dirty Dusting', is a comedy written by Trevor Wood and Ed Waugh. It tells the story of three septuagenarian women, who are unceremoniously fired from their cleaning jobs – forcing them to start up a telephone sex line to make ends meet.

The audience was full for opening night, and many seemed to thoroughly enjoy the humour of the play. Three of Tauranga's finest actresses took to the stage: Christine Giddens, Geraldine Broderick and Maggie Grigsby, and there was an interesting dynamic between the trio.

I would be lying if I did not say I felt this dynamic was a reflection of their natural talent, rather than the source material – which I found lacklustre.

Their interactions with Mark Knox, who portrayed their troublesome supervisor, were particularly amusing. Some of the best comic delivery was found in these scenes.


I believe Tauranga audiences will enjoy the concept, and more mature theatre-goers will likely be able to empathise and understand the plights of the three women.

The play was set in the office area where the women work the graveyard cleaning shift, with just one minor set change in the first act.

I enjoyed the simplistic set decoration, overseen by Bob Cleaver and Diane Hardie, and how the actors utilised the space.

It continues until June 30 and tickets can be purchased from Ticketek