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Read with sorrow
I read Graeme Martin's letter, "Broken families cause broken lives" (Opinion June 14) with sorrow. If the state of our families, or lack of families, is as black as he depicts, then what a terrible state our nation will be in when the poor kids who are the product of these broken homes grow up.
The broken homes, and their attendant problems must surely have come about, in part or in whole, by our own actions or our apathy. We have, after all, largely thrown out the institution of marriage from the Premier and her partner down, and in far too many of the marriages which do happen, the vows of love and care and faithfulness, "till death do us part" are broken at will and without shame.
Is there an answer? Yes, it's the biblical one of repentance, with the promise of national healing. It was given by a prophet of God to another decadent nation. Look it up or Google it. You will find it in 2 Chronicles 7: 14.
Don Campbell
Gate Pa

Barkes Corner
I agree with Kenny McCallum (Facebook comments, June 14) that the lights should make Barkes Corner safer.
Moving through that roundabout is quite daunting, especially when so many drivers do not indicate.
I have overheard bus drivers comment about this.
It can be difficult for a long line of traffic to get through safely without holding others up. At least traffic lights will give everyone an equal chance.
When the new mall is completed It would be good to know we can all get there easily without getting stressed, so it's very pleasing.
A Palmer
Pyes Pa

No thanks
I see a cyclist is infuriated that the city council has decided to drop the possibility of placing bike lanes on the Mall in Pilot Bay (News, June 13).
This has to be the most sensible decision the council has made for about two years.
The council is already proposing to spend $100 million on cycle lanes over the next 10 years. This is ridiculous expenditure for a non-essential service. We could have had a museum and the four laning of Turret/15th Ave for this money.
It seems from the council plan that the new cycleways will be on existing carriageways which will create further congestion on the roads.
Cyclists do not contribute to the cost of roads. Motorists do. The priority should be for expenditure where there is economic benefit — for example people going to work or school.
Recreational cyclists have many offroad tracks to use around the city. They should stick to those and leave the roads available to those who have paid for them and generate wealth in the community.
Allan Griffin
Mt Maunganui