Lack of understanding

As I write an annual subscription cheque to the Sensible Sentencing Trust I ponder what good are our two new political representatives, Jan Tinetti and Angie Warren-Clark, doing for the betterment of our society, and I can best summarise, doing a good job at the bottom of the cliff, while being part of a regime taking the fence away at the top.
Opening the doors of our prisons, by targeting reduced prison numbers, and taking the chance away of some of our most needy getting a job (the 90 day work trial), is in my opinion totally irresponsible and shows a lack of true understanding of how societal behaviour works.
While we persist in paying healthy people to stay at home and encourage weak penalties for bad behaviour, your good work at the bottom of the cliff will be endless.
Doug Morris
Te Puna

Rail bridge a no

Why would the ratepayers and taxpayers build another bridge to put traffic through the beautiful Matapihi Peninsula (Letters, June 6) when State Highway 29a was designed for four lanes over 40 years ago? A grade separation at Cameron Rd and SH29A (Barkes Corner) with four lanes within the existing road corridor from Tauriko all the way to Te Maunga. Under construction now are the Te Maunga and Bayfair flyovers.
On saying that we commuters in Tauranga, who are so car-dependent at 1.1 persons per car, must learn to use public transport, car-share, cycle and walk. Or a combination of all modes of transport to reduce the cars on our roads.
Bruce Galloway


If a knight of the realm changes gender, does he/she become a Dame?
How is a person in a same-sex marriages' title determined?
AD Kirby