A whole month without booze.

For some, it's nothing amazing, for others it's unimaginable.

I'm about to find out which camp I fall into.

I'm not a huge drinker, but I'm not averse to a glass or two of pinot gris after a stressful day at work, or a pinot noir with a steak dinner.


I'd probably have two or three glasses total a week, more if there's a special occasion.

Going without will be quite easy - I think.

It's something I'm going to have to try anyway - I've signed up for Dry July.

I tagged my husband in a meme on Facebook as a joke - it was one of those "Tag XXXX in this picture and if they don't respond within a minute, they have to..." type memes, with the tagged person having to skip alcohol for a month if they miss the deadline.

He didn't see it in the one-minute timeframe and, giggling to myself, I messaged him to say: "No drinking for you!"

Then to my surprise, he took it seriously and signed up for Dry July. He then tagged me in the same post which I, of course, didn't see in time.

Competitive as always, I wasn't about to be shown up by him and also signed up.

So, from next month, I'm going to be as sober as a judge, all while trying to raise money for charity.


Funds raised for Dry July go towards the Look Good Feel Better charity that provides free, community-based programmes for any person with cancer.

What a fantastic cause, and one I'm happy to get behind.

I'll drink to that - in August anyway.