Bella Vista buy out

I would expect the Tauranga City Council to pay the Bella Vista home owners out in full. The total retail price of these homes and also all resource consent fees, building permits fees, environmental impact fees, feasibility study fees and any other costs that our council continues to fleece from us. The councillors and building inspectors involved in this shambles should be dismissed from their employment forthwith.


Alan Ryan


Welcome Bay

Rena wreck
New Zealand's dirty recycling secret was uncovered when the MV Rena was wrecked on the Astrolabe Reef.
Hundreds of shipping containers were found to be jammed full of rubbish on its way to China. Now that China has blocked imported waste, this country is now stock-piling vast amounts of recyclable plastic.
Perhaps we could look to Denmark for the answer? We are frequently negatively compared to this country because of its environmental and social ideals. Denmark uses large municipal incinerators to cleanly burn its plastic and industrial waste producing electricity and steam for district heating schemes. This works so well that the country imports $180,000 tons of other people's rubbish to burn.
Mysteriously the emissions from this combustion are not reported to have adverse climate change consequences.
Dr Ross Ogle

Wrong decision
What is our country coming to when the Government chooses to make the founder of the NZ Prostitute's Collective a dame? What message is this sending to the rest of the world and our younger New Zealanders?
I have no doubt that Catherine Healy is probably a nice woman and has done plenty of good work for her sector of society, but this top award is sending the wrong message.
Healy is reported as saying that the collective's battles today are focused on the stigma of prostitutes. Really? I just simply ask – would you encourage your daughter to become a prostitute?
In recent years throughout New Zealand, there are a lot of good people promoting the value of women in commerce and government with glass ceilings, etc. However, while prostitution is legal, and now encouraged by the Labour/NZ First Government in this manner, how can we expect our young men to truly respect all women in the way that they should.
It is astounding that Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters have not thought through the consequences for New Zealand's reputation. (Abridged)
Bill Capamagian

Stadium needed
In reply to Murray Maunder (Letters, June 4), he refers to rugby having many facilities to satisfy our nation's top sport in Tauranga. Good joke.
Tauranga is the only city in New Zealand without somewhere for the All Blacks to play.
Hamilton is of similar size and has an awesome stadium and hosted seven test matches, while Dunedin, also similar, hosted 26 test matches and even lowly New Plymouth has hosted a test but no, not Tauranga.
I'm happy to bet every penny I have that more Tauranga people would vote for an international stadium than they would a tired old museum. Maybe we need to send our councillors to Hamilton to learn how an efficient council is run.
Gary Horan
Mt Maunganui