Western Bay's district council is cracking down on people dumping pre-paid rubbish bags at the ends of rural roads.

The council is asking people to dob in anyone seen dumping bags by recording their car registrations and taking photos of the culprits.

If identified, they could be fined up to $500 under the Litter Act.

Ilze Kruis, leader of the environmental solid waste team said people were leaving bags throughout the week.


They became unsightly, smelly and often ripped apart and spread around by dogs.

"Often these dumping hot spots are by school bus stops and other well used intersections. It creates a huge mess, can be a danger to road users, and is unsafe and unsanitary."

Hot spots around the district included the corner of Rocky Cutting and Welcome Bay roads, at the school bus shelter at the end of Waitao Rd in Welcome Bay, Neewood Rd in Ohauiti, Mountain Rd in Oropi and Work Rd near Katikati.

Signs will be erected at hot spots warning against illegal dumping and where possible surveillance cameras will be used.

"We're unsure if people are just unaware that they can't place pre-paid bags here or are deliberately dumping their rubbish because it's easier than waiting for their pick-up day or driving to a transfer station," Kruis said.

"For this reason we're looking for help to identify recidivist rubbish dumpers."

Pre-paid rubbish bags can only be placed directly outside the gate of the property where the rubbish is generated.

Anyone whose home did not have kerbside collection should make arrangements with a door-to-door contractor or take your rubbish to a transfer station.

To dob in a dumper email customer.service@westernbay.govt.nz or phone 0800 Trashy.