Fear of road

It was interesting to read Sonya Bateson's editorial (Opinion, March 7) about the fear of driving on State Highway 2 between Tauranga and Katikati. After an accident earlier this month, I have heard many comments from Omokoroa residents who fear driving on that stretch of road more than any other in the country. I even heard a couple say they are going to move because of the traffic and wondering if they will be the next accident.
So many who do not live at Omokoroa are saying it is driver error, some cases yes, I followed a car from to Bethlehem that never went over 70km/h, which is ridiculous on a 90km/h stretch of road. The number (mainly young people) who tried to pass that car on yellow lines, bends etc was amazing. A lot of the accidents are from side roads on to SH2. Anyone from Tauranga who comes to Omokoroa cannot believe the growth. That highway was never made to take the amount of traffic it does now, infrastructure should have been put in place before the development went ahead. But as with Tauranga City Council, Western Bay District Council can only think of how much it is going to make out of the developers.
Wendy Galloway

Skipper Simon

Though the blue votes came in close to half,
Their cheering soon turned into chaff;
Now Simon's the Skip
And they're leaving the ship
While Jacinda - she has the last laugh.
Joy Z Marks

Back to basics

I've always been led to believe the local councils were responsible for these basic but necessary services: Drinkable water, sewerage, paths, lighting, roading to some degree, and for health and the environment a decent rubbish and recycling service. If a small place like Whangamata can provide separate smaller bins for their glass recycling surely Tauranga can. So, please councillors, get these basics right, that's why you were elected.
Lois Slater
Pyes Pa

Productivity helps

I implore Sir Michael Cullen and his tax group to be mindful of the famous quote by Sir Winston Churchill that: "You do not make the poorer richer by making the richer poorer," but rather by the words of a lesser being: "You make the poor richer by making them more productive".
A D Kirby