Michael Jackson HISstory show, Baycourt, Tauranga

A musical tribute and live concert experience MJ's greatest hits performed by multi-talented impersonator Dantanio

If you are a child who grew up in the seventies or eighties, you'd know there was never a day that went by without hearing a Michael Jackson song on the radio. I never got the opportunity to see this amazing icon live but thanks to 'Dantanio' and Showtime Australia, the packed audience at Baycourt, Tauranga were able to experience the next best thing on Tuesday night.

Celebrating the music, the magic, the dance, and all the history of one of the world's greatest artists, the 'Michael Jackson HIStory tribute show' delivered the kind of theatrical finesse you would expect from an actual MJ performance. Dantanio owned the stage with the support of a live band made up of international talent and dancers.


From 'Blame it on the Boogie', which had the audience on their feet, to being serenaded with hits like 'Ben' and 'She's Out Of My Life', Jackson's catalogue of smash hits were all delivered with superb professionalism.

'Human Nature' was mimicked to perfection as Dantanio wore the replica costume and performed the moves as the original video played behind him. It was hard to tell the difference!

My highlight was 'Beat It'. Alongside his talented dancers, he reminded me of my attempts to 'moonwalk' in my youth, something I still can't do.

A childhood dream come true for Dantanio, his performance showed his passion and a lifetime's dedication to emulating his idol. He engaged with the audience, dancing in the aisles with all the young and old 'MJ wannabes'. It was hard to stay seated.

The 'Michael Jackson HIStory tribute show' continues to tour NZ until March. A must for music lovers of all ages.