There isn't a lot better than spending a warm summer day at the beach.

From eating fish and chips at the beach, sunbathing, cooling off in the waves and then sunbathing again, It's a full day of fun.

Being beach safe, however, is the most vital element of a day at the beach.

Yesterday, families enjoyed what lifeguards described as a perfect day at the beach in warm weather and calm conditions despite warnings that changeable sea conditions brought a higher chance of rips and big swells.


Excellent! That's just what we like to hear.

However, the rest of the week may not be so calm, so let's remember that if we decide to head to the beach this week.

The weather is expected to be warm and dry today and tomorrow - but don't be fooled. The rest of the week was likely to be wet.

Lifeguards warned of big surf yet to come with swells expected to pick up from today with big seas and a lot of wind.

February is said to be when more easterly swells develop and, with warm water temperatures, it's important people take extra care when they head to the region's beaches.

The swells may be good for surfers but there has also been sand dredging along the coastline creating a river of a current and strong undertows, which are expected to get even bigger later in the week.

Regional lifeguards finish week-day patrolling at the end of this week at most beaches, while voluntary patrols will continue every weekend until Easter.

Try to stay between the flags whenever you are at patrolled beaches to make sure you are in the safest spot possible.