Dylan McNeice says it's not often he has "good legs".

But he could have fooled everyone watching and competing in the Port of Tauranga Half as he crossed the finish line, claiming his first win of the event.

The 32-year-old from Christchurch said it was a combination of preparation and luck which helped him secure the win.

"You never really know how the body is going to respond.


"To be honest, in the swim I felt okay and in the bike, I felt a little bit off. I guess the other boys weren't feeling great either I know if Mike [Phillips] had been feeling good he would've just put the hammer down and put a gap on us."

During the race, McNeice was the first out on the bikes after the swim, with a smooth transition, which he said was down to luck.

"You never know how they [transitions] are going to go. You can practice them all your life but sometimes you just stuff them up and other times they go smoothly and today it went smoothly," he said.

McNeice said he once again "got lucky" in the run.

"I had good legs. When I have good legs it's not all that often so you've got to use them."

Australian triathlete Melissa Hauschildt dominated the women's division by claiming her first win of the Port of Tauranga Half.

Hauschildt had been in top form after winning the Ironman 70.3 Asia Pacific Championship in November, and the Sunsmart Ironman, Western Australia in December last year.

Hauschildt said she enjoyed the course Mount Maunganui had to offer but lost her way on the bike.

"On the bike, I got a bit lost a few times, I probably should have checked out the course myself prior, but it was a good course, it was fun," she said.

Hauschildt said the day provided "perfect conditions" to secure the win.

"I'm happy with the win so early in the year and the first race of the season," she said.

Long-distance triathlete Mike Phillips came in a close second in the men's division, sharing the podium with Cameron Brown, who came in third.

Brown competed in the event for the 20th time on Saturday, competing every year summer since 1998.

In the women's division, Hauschildt shared the winning podium with Teresa Adam, who claimed second place, and Amelia Watkinson, who came in third.

Port of Tauranga Half final results

Men's individual division

Dylan McNiece- 03:54:16

Mike Phillips- 03:55:47

Cameron Brown-03:56:33

Women's individual division
Melissa Hauschidlt- 04:12:15
Teresa Adam- 04:19:21
Amelia Watkinson- 04:26:32