Graeme Steenson has been published twice in recent months (Letters, December 27 and January 2) suggesting that all vehicles be driven under headlights at all times.
As someone who drives many miles, I can do nothing but agree.

The current law requires vehicles to be headlight illuminated half an hour after sundown until half an hour before sun up. You can be excused for thinking that I have got these back to front but on checking, I was assured that they are in fact the law.

Vehicles coming at you are indeed a hazard. Using the "I can see so you must be able to see me" is not always a fact. Lights switching on with the ignition is simple, not costly, and very effective.

Installation can be in stages so that all vehicles ex-Japan have a clause to require installation with the VIC. Those on lots for New Zealand resale would be required to have them installed presale and those privately owned and currently on our roads have a four-month period of grace to get them installed.


This with a heavy, one-off Government subsidy using part of the multimillion-dollar budget the current Government is setting aside for road safety.

I don't see the problem.

A D Kirby

Tommy's columns

The assumption made by Neil Harvey ( Letters. January 16) that I receive preferential editing for my column and letters is crazy korero and, in my opinion, reflects their true colours.

What I write and what gets printed is entirely up to the editorial team and many times I have had my wings clipped or, in some cases, my column rejected.

What I do know after almost 20 years as a columnist is that many of my readers tautoko (support) what I have to say and, if they didn't, my column would have run its course a long time ago.

Perhaps the reason why Neil Harvey and other right-wingers don't have their letters printed in full is because what they write is always negative and again, in my opinion, not worth reading.

Tommy Wilson
Te Puna