Last Saturday, I had two tickets ready and waiting for the night's $30 million Lotto draw.

I don't buy Lotto tickets often, but when the pot reaches tens of millions of dollars, I get a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) and can't not purchase a ticket ... You know, just in case.

And yes, I am aware my chance of winning is slim to none.

It was when I got a call from a friend asking me to pick up a ticket for them, I figured I'd have to buy myself a second ticket because "what if I had just bought them the winning ticket?", making my friend choose theirs from the two. It made sense at the time.


Queue random conversations about what people would do with $30m, a shared piece of it worth maybe $10m, even $1m. Heck, I would have been happy being able to pay off any bills I had.

When news came out that one Lotto ticket had scooped that prize of $30m I remember saying to a colleague how good it would have been to have been won by 10 people, sharing about $3m each. I mean, that would still be a pretty amazing windfall.

The Lotto frenzy ended and was soon forgotten - until the winner spoke out, well, one of the 10 winners.

She revealed the prize was won by a syndicate of 10 lucky ladies who had been buying Lotto tickets together for about five years.

They all knew they had won that night but it took them days to organise leave from work so they could travel to collect their winnings together.

The spokeswoman, known as Tina, said the most common thing she had heard from her fellow millionaire friends was that they had planned to use their money to help their families.

The women all in their 50s and 60s wanted to make it easier for their children to get into a house, get rid of mortgages or just give their children a boost.

Tina isn't even planning on finishing work but may reduce her days from three to two.

The winners sound like a fun group of women and it's nice to know a lot of people will likely benefit from that big win.

I on the other hand will save myself $20 this week because I'm not due to unnecessarily spend it on a Lotto ticket - I'm winning already!