New Zealand First leader Winston Peters wasted no time in revving up the crowds when he visited Whangamata today.

Roading, health, industry, immigration, homelessness and housing, employment, policing and mangroves were among the topics covered Mr Peters this morning.

Mr Peters told the audience of almost 200 which had gathered that as part of the Government, he would form a police flying squad to deal with the "rampant outbreak of crime".

Mr Peters said he would also ensure monitoring of New Zealand's coastlines to prevent episodes of drug smuggling, such as what happened on 90 Mile Beach where millions of dollars of drugs were found. The money from this would be put back into areas such as Whangamata to boost roading and industry, he said.


One of his promises that perked many people up was his promise that the new Super Gold Card would offer one free specialist and three free doctor's appointments to the cardholder each year.

Supporting the Mangroves Management local bill that is on its journey through Parliament was also a no-brainer, Mr Peters said.

"I remember when the Greenies said the mangroves must remain as they were important to us.

"I live in an area where mangroves are a rotten, stinking, putrid mess. They're killing fish and marine life and stinking up the water.

"When I was a boy it was good, hard, solid land - now you sink half a metre deep in soft, sticky, putrid muck," Mr Peters said. "I want the matter dealt with."

Restrictions needed to be brought in to prevent overseas buyers acquiring more of New Zealand, Mr Peters said.

Immigration and housing were also other hot topics.

"There are 73,000 people getting off the aeroplane at Mangere every year - yet the current government is promising to build on 10,000 new houses a year for the next 10 years. That leads to more people becoming homeless and New Zealand falling into third world status.

"That is something I will not allow to happen."