Growing up in a small town in South Taranaki, travelling the world on a cruise ship and a 15-year knowledge of economics lead Jason Jobsis to politics.

The 34-year-old is Tauranga's candidate for the Democrats for Social Credit party.

Mr Jobsis left school at age 16 and delved deep into the history of world politics, economics and religion.

"Economics history goes back 500, 1000, 2000 years. It is fascinating," he said.


He grew up in a small town in South Taranaki with just under 1000 people where he had a "pretty laid-back" upbringing.

"I rode horses, motorbikes, did hunting, spent a lot of time just being a kid," he said.

Mr Jobsis also spent many years travelling the world on cruise ships in a security role and now works as a court security officer in Mount Maunganui.

"I get to see first-hand what's happening in our justice system," he said.

The Tauranga candidate said he got into politics because of the widening gap between income and living costs and decided to "do his bit" in bringing forward solutions to what he called a world economic crisis.

Mr Jobsis believed his 15-year knowledge of economics and politics would benefit the Tauranga electorate.

Mr Jobsis said he would focus on investment in regional development to support tourism, industry, access to health care services and the city's affordable housing.

Reserve Bank of New Zealand funding to build and maintain infrastructure would also be a priority.

He said the party's policies included making the Reserve Bank responsible for ensuring foreign debt was repaid and overseas transactions were in balance.

"Once we have created those jobs we have created infrastructure and we can move forward and repay the debt," he said.

Mr Jobsis stood for the Clutha-Southland electorate in the 2014 election while he was living in Queenstown, but was unsuccessful.

"Even 5 per cent is having a voice in Parliament. I am looking for the party vote."