The Bay Salsa Festival drew big crowds to its 10th annual celebration with competitions, classes and parties.

Natasha Marrow, a member of the organising committee, said the festival had attracted large crowds of both participants and spectators.

"We had quite big numbers that came to do workshops and learn from teachers from all around New Zealand and we had high numbers of people watching the show we put on.

"The performances that happened on stage were a mix of teachers and teams from around New Zealand, people that came to workshops performed as well."


Ms Marrow said as well as the classes and competitions, the Bay Salsa club put on two casual parties and, last night, a more formal ball.

She said the highlight of the event was hearing the feedback from people about how much they had enjoyed the event.

"There were people that said the organisers are really friendly, easy to approach and the whole event has been a lot of fun, especially for the money they'd paid.

"For us organisational people, we've all managed to put on a great event it's the 10th year we've done it. For us, hearing about how they've enjoyed it and how friendly we were, it's a good feeling of success."

Natalie Zuniga came to the festival with her husband Ernesto and the Cuban Accent School in Auckland.

She had been teaching musicality and a couple of different dance styles and promoting Cuban dance.

"We're having a great time. We've all got sore legs and we're all hot and sweaty."