The scandal of the stripper and the Chiefs has divided opinions around the country.

Every few days someone else wades into the debate about who was right and who was wrong.

The allegations against the players are serious and they certainly should not have acted in the way Scarlette, the stripper, claims they did.

Men should know better than that and should be able to control themselves and act appropriately.


But to me that is not the real issue.

It would never have been a problem if they had not hired a stripper in the first place.

To me the whole thing shows just how morally corrupt our society has become.

Not too many years ago the mere fact a team of professional rugby players, men idolised by young boys around the country, hired a stripper would have been outrageous and there certainly would have been consequences for them to pay.

It was shameful for anyone to admit to such a thing. Now it seems we just accept that is what men do.

To me, hiring a stripper - male or female - should be discouraged. It is objectifying a person. There is no love in it, only lust.

It also has ramifications on the lives of others.

What about the husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends of those who go to see a stripper? I'm sure, whether they admit it or not, many of them would feel as though they are not good enough, not attractive enough.


It is certainly not going to strengthen a relationship.

The problem is, as long as there are people willing to hire a stripper or go to a strip club, there will always be men and women willing to use their bodies to make a living.

Some may choose to and others may be forced to through a tough financial position.
Whatever the reason, it is not a profession I think we should encourage.

All people are worth more than that and could do something more with their lives.