A Tauranga mother-of-six who has been living in emergency accommodation for months has finally found a long-term home.

Back in June Mazz Adams first told her story to the Bay of Plenty Times as she struggled to find somewhere for her and her six children to live because her previous rental property was being sold.

She had been living in the Ambassador Motor Inn since but was forced to leave due to prior bookings made for the AIMS Games sporting tournament.

Her long journey came to fruition when she moved into a 4-bedroom Greerton home last week.


"Words can hardly explain. I felt so light. And appreciative to everyone who supported us throughout our journey, donating time, love and food," Ms Adams told the Bay of Plenty Times while relaxing in her new home.

"When we stepped into the house I was over the moon. The kids absolutely love it - it's humongous so they can run through it."

Ms Adams, a Merivale School casual worker and Merivale Community Centre Board member has six children and two whangai.

Ms Adams had help from several people in the community and her advice to those in the predicament she had been in was to "reach out".

"Hang in there and reach out. Speak up. Tell your story - there's a lot of hearts out there and people want to help.

"It's easy to slip into depression. But it takes a load off when you know there are people out there supporting you and wanting to help with your struggles."

Ms Adams got in touch with Bay City Rentals through a real estate agent from Gisborne - who reached out to Ms Adams after reading her story and used her industry contacts to find Ms Adam's Greerton home.

"We made contact three months ago when I first started this journey and she's been with me ever since."

Ms Adams had plans to "pay it forward" and never again take for granted a simple roof over her and her children's heads.

"It was a struggle but it taught me a lot. I learned patience and how to appreciate things you never had before.

"My focus now is to help other families. I'm currently helping the families I met at the motor inn. Out of the five families there, one was able to get a house straight away and another moves in a couple week's time."

She said anyone who was homeless or facing homelessness could get in contact with her through the Merivale Community Centre on 07-578 6450.