There is no question something needs to happen to revitalise Tauranga's central business district.

It's a beautiful spot but there is little to draw people there apart from the restaurants on The Strand.

Three Tauranga property experts: developer Paul Adams, retired property valuer Graeme Horsley and lawyer John Gordon, say a new council administration building alone will not rejuvenate the area. I agree whole-heartedly.

Tauranga City Council is considering options regarding the redevelopment of the CBD.


They have focused first on getting a new civic administration building across the line with feasibility studies being carried out into the possibility of other facets including a museum, performing arts centre and a new library.

Without those other facets, nothing much will change in my opinion.

At the very least there needs to be a square or public space with public art to attract people to the area.

Even that may not do enough to draw people back to town.

In my opinion it really needs to be all or nothing.

That will allow the precinct to be a piece of architecture which in itself attracts people to the area.

On top of that a museum and performing arts centre give people a reason to go there - something to do.

We don't need just another building.

We need an attraction and the redevelopment gives us the chance to do just that.

Yes, it may have to be done over a number of years but the whole plan needs to be set in stone and signed off before anything more happens.

We need to dream big and put aside enough money to do a good job of it.

If we can't do the whole thing is there any point doing anything at all?

If that is the case perhaps the council should consider moving slightly outside of the CBD or leasing a building and leaving the current site to be developed into some other attraction.

That said, I am still hopeful we will find a way to develop an attractive civic center which will draw crowds and become the heart of out city.