Seeka Kiwifruit Industries and Splice Fruit announced today they would be opposing Zespri Group's Notice of Appeal against parts of a recent High Court judicial review decision on collaborative marketing.

The High Court, in a fast track judicial review decision dated May 3, overturned decisions by regulator Kiwifruit New Zealand (KNZ) to reject three proposed collaborative marketing agreement applications submitted by Seeka and Splice Fruit late last year.

The High Court ordered KNZ to rehear the three applications. The regulator complied, then again rejected them.

On 30 May, Zespri filed a Notice of Appeal in the Court of Appeal in relation to parts of the High Court decision. Zespri said that it had received feedback from industry stakeholders that the High Court decision might be open to different interpretations.


Zespri and Splice Fruit have now responded.

"We have filed notice that we will oppose Zespri's Notice of Appeal," said Seeka chief executive Michael Franks. "We are looking to cooperate with Zespri to get through this legal process as efficiently as possible."

Zespri has, since 2000, been the primary mandated exporting organisation for kiwifruit. Companies seeking to export to all countries other than Australia need to seek permission from KNZ.