Despite being a beautiful day in the Bay, today did not start so bright and sunny with heavy showers dumping 8mm of rain earlier this morning.

Over the last 24 hours 9.4mm of rain fell, 8mm of which fell between 6am and 10am this morning.

Six am saw the heaviest deluge with 6.6mm of rain falling around that time.

However Tauranga can put away the umbrellas as MetService predicts a fine and dry week ahead.


MetService communications meteorologist Lisa Murray said Tauranga was looking to be one of the more consistent spots around the country with dry and sunny skies for the rest of the week.

She said it would continue to be mainly fine with light winds.

"There may be bits of morning cloud but that will burn off," Ms Murray said.

Temperatures are predicted to stay in the mid 20s, peaking at 27C on Friday. Lows will stick to around 16-18C.