Two Powerball wins and one first division win has made Greerton Lotto the luckiest Lotto shop in the Bay.

"It's quite unheard of," store owner Belinda Sands said.

Greerton Lotto sold two Powerball First Division tickets in 2015, and a Lotto First Division winning ticket, which came to a total of $10 million in First Division prizes won from the store.

In February, a player took home $4.5 million with Powerball First Division and celebrated the win with a cold beer after a restless night's sleep. In September a punter won $5 million with Powerball First Division and celebrated by planning a tropical holiday. In December another player won $500,000 with Lotto First Division.


Having owned the store for about 13 years, last year was definitely the most successful in terms of winning tickets, she said.

The store had about 20 first division winning Lotto tickets in its history.

"We just roll them out - it's incredible," she said.

Ms Sands believed the wins could have come from the good energy they have in the shop.

"There is a really good energy around here at the moment. You can't expect you are going to get a winner but when you do, it's just wow. I always get a text from one of my friends or customers on a Sunday and they will say, 'you have done it again'."

Even the first owner of the store still came to buy his Lotto ticket here, she said.

Ms Sands said because her partner, Tom Walch, was born and bred in Greerton the shop had a great community feel to it.

Overall, Bayfair Lotto sold the most winning tickets across all divisions during 2015. The store sold more than 43,000 winning tickets worth more than $750,000.