Go Bus Transport's regional general manager Ashley Burton says the decision to hire drivers with disabilities has proven to be a "win-win" situation for both parties.

Mr Burton said the company had employed a number of people with disabilities over the years.

"We currently have two drivers with leg amputations and another two with dyslexia. One of our drivers couldn't read or write so we had a reader and writer sit with him during theory exams."

Mr Burton said another driver, Stephen Robertson, who had a serious stutter was referred to him in April and with some extra training had become an "invaluable employee" .


"Stephen was a really nice guy and a really good driver, but his speech impedient was a concern. We decided to give him a chance and spent a bit more time on his training."

Mr Burton said Mr Robertson started on a trial basis as a school bus driver before moving to the urban city route and the company had never regretted hiring him.

"Stephen has just flourished. He has the right attitude and people skills. It's been a 'win-win' situation for him and our company, which prides itself on being an equal opportunities employer."

Mr Robertson, 55, said he was so grateful to Mr Burton and Go Bus. "Often employers couldn't look past my speech impedient. Since Ashley gave me this opportunity I have just been flying and the future looks much brighter." Sandra Conchie