Local councils in and around the Bay of Plenty are being asked to consider a project that would help them gain a greater understanding of the issues and opportunities related to the form and function of local government in the region.

The mayors of territorial authorities and the chair of the Regional Council have approved the project and are now asking each of their councils to endorse the project brief and the proposed funding.

Beginning this week and continuing into next week the councils will consider the project brief and the proposed funding arrangements for the estimated $500,000 needed for the research work.

The mayors and Chair agreed at the Triennial meeting in December last year to work together on a research project that would help them better understand the opportunities in areas such as improved services, cost efficiencies and economic growth.


Phase one of the project is expected to be completed by June 2015 and would produce an evidence-based report as a resource for any local government reorganisation or response that affects the Bay of Plenty region. While not fully scoped yet, Phase 2 would use the research report to develop, assess and compare options for future form and function of local government.

Each participating council will consider the project brief and proposed funding requirements.

The participating councils are concerned with the current and future well-being of communities in the Bay of Plenty and surrounds. They want to consider the current situation and approach and also investigate other ways of how local government can contribute to well-being and long-term prosperity.