A treasured vintage red telephone box, which amassed a huge following online, has sold.

The 1967 traditional British-style phone box gained more than 11,000 views on Trade Me after its Te Puke owner Gael Blaymires put it up for sale last week.

As of Saturday, the collector's item sold for $2560 to a couple from Whakatane she said.

"My son thought it could go for about $2000 but I was a little sceptical. I would have preferred to keep it with the family but [they] didn't want it.


"I didn't want to sell it. I became quite attached. It's part of our home, part of our family."

After years of collecting odd trinkets and treasures, including vintage cars and doll prams, Mrs Blaymires and her husband are downsizing and moving closer into the Te Puke township - meaning the phone box had to go.

"At least we provided the Trade Me people with a bit of fun," she said.

The sale attracted comment from as far as Dunedin and Whangarei with plenty of Doctor Who fans chipping in.

"I even got asked why I was selling it, 'could I not master the art of time travel with it?'," Mrs Blaymires said.

"The feedback on Trade Me really was so much fun."

The phone box was expected to be picked up yesterday.

Mrs Blaymires said her son had dealt with the buyer, so she did not know much more about the phone box's new owner.

"I know my son asked if he'd mind if he could still visit it from time to time."

The box was found among other wrecked boxes in a yard from the former Tauranga Post and Telegraph shop on Spring St. It has been kept in good nick over the years.