Indulge is on the hunt for inspiring women of all ages, shapes and sizes to take part in this year's Bay Model competition.

Fifteen finalists spread across three age categories, 18 to 25, 26 to 39, and over 40, will be selected for a Repertoire fashion show on September 26 and the winners will be announced on the night.

Each year the finalists walk away with renewed confidence from overcoming their nerves and being encouraged by friends or family members.

Bay of Plenty Times event manager Dayna Comeskey said indulge Bay Model in association with Repertoire was now in its third successful year.


"Each year we get inspiring Bay women come along to register, all with a variety of motivations for entering.

"The transformation we see from the first day these women register to their first walk on the catwalk is amazing.

"It really is a life changing experience with many of our finalist forming strong new friendships, gaining new found confidence or simply having ticked something off their bucket list they never knew was there."

Last year's winner Rebecca Andrews said entering the competition was one of the best decisions she had made.

"Entering and even just getting into the top 10 made me look at myself differently.

"Showing up to register, I had no make up on, my hair was messy and I was wearing baggy clothes but the judges saw something in me. It was really amazing."

Miss Andrews said her perception of the modelling industry had also changed.

"Since winning I've had great experiences.

"I made some great friends and I've had a few jobs.

"When you're on the outside looking in you feel there's these stick thin girls, you think what they must go through to look like that but it's not all like that.

"I could never do that because I don't look or think like that."