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Hoaxers had ulterior motive

A couple sparked a wide search after claiming their 3-year-old daughter had disappeared - so they could get a lift home. Dozens of police officers were drafted in after the pair reported the girl missing from the beach during a day trip to Hornsea, East Yorkshire. A hunt involving more than 40 police officers and search teams from Humberside Fire and Rescue, Humber Coastguard and volunteers from Hornsea Inshore Rescue was launched. However, it emerged the couple, who do not even have a child, had been drinking heavily and wanted a free lift home. (Source: Hull Daily Mail)

Lighting advert distracting


A reader writes: "While travelling on the Southern Motorway last night past Manukau, I noticed the huge lighting graphics advertisement on the roof of TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre. It was insanely distracting. Shame on you, NZ Transport Agency, for allowing that to be visible to drivers on the motorway but not allowing a memorial cross because it is a potential hazard."

Safer to be green

After being rear-ended in the grey car twice, the pale golden one three times and the latest silver fox once over the past nine years, Robert Tudman of Takapuna has decided on a bright lime-green Honda Jazz. "We are seeing a few more bright-coloured cars on the road, green and yellow in particular. Maybe other drivers have felt the same way. We have done nearly one year in the green car, and no one has hit us yet," he says.

Loving Twinkle Town

On the lights in Kaiwaka: "Yes, it's a year-round norm in Kaiwaka and has been for a decade, possibly longer. Helping to make a 'blink and you miss it' town a little more memorable. Glad to see it's working," says one reader. Another reader says her family now call Kaiwaka Twinkle Town. Another traveller who loves the idea wishes they'd replace their blown bulbs occasionally.