Thanks for your feature "City of God".

Again, you call to mind the city motto, and we may ask what it means today. For all the variety of opinions - some vigorously expressed in letters to the paper - most of us think of God occasionally.

As we name God, we refer to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each is part of the whole and He calls the whole Church to represent Him in the world.

You might say denominations, as we know them, are all instruments in a symphony orchestra.


The Bible comprises old and new testaments - the essence of God and Jewish history in the old, including unmistakable prophecies of Jesus who came two thousand years ago, and the world as we know it now; and the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the New Testament.

People all over the world, and in this community, worship many other gods. It is natural that they look at the world and ask themselves how it happened.

Thus every people in history have had their own explanations which are gods to them. One must believe in something, or live and die in despair.

Some of us are happy to know the one whom we call God, and we want others to know Him too. That's the job of the Church.

Your feature takes a wide view of religion. Many books have been written - and there will surely be more. Yet we all have the same questions.


Racism problem
There was a cry of racism that boxer Joseph Parker might just be speaking to Maori and Pacifica males and their fathers at a motivational event.

This is not racism, it is just recognition of what is recognised - that this group has specific needs when it comes to motivation in education, a well-documented situation.

This was a very good idea and would have had good results for this group. Many of them learn better among their own kind.

These upset people are just going for what might be termed "the low-hanging fruit".

We do have a problem with racism in New Zealand, and it is being foisted on us by Maori through the Waitangi Tribunal.

If these people were genuine, they would be protesting the Maori roll and Maori seats in Parliament - plus the attempt to have Maori wards.

We also have a real problem in the area of free speech. It appears journalists will be a thing of the past as they will only be allowed to have an opinion already decided for them.


Club name
I sat down to write a scathing letter on the subject of the amalgamation of the RSA and the Cosmopolitan Club.

Thinking that venom should be dispensed with a full stomach, I made a sandwich and went to check the letterbox while the jug was boiling.

Wanganui Midweek was in the box and I opened it up as I wandered back to the kitchen. I started reading Paul Brooks' 'Front Bit' on the subject that I was about to vent my spleen on.

Full marks, Paul - you said everything that needed to be said and probably in a more family-friendly manner than I would have.

What group of morons would have chosen the name Club Metro from presumably other suggestions.

I was too late to get an entry into the competition, but even my proposed suggestion of Corsa would have blasted Metro into orbit. Work it out, my friends.

As a several times Returned Serviceman I have to accept that the future of the Wanganui RSA was destined to be short-lived, but I am concerned that all that the RSA stood for will disappear, as Paul has pointed out.

I believe most of the RSA memorabilia will be confined to a couple of office type rooms. Bugger that - a nation's history earned by thousands who never returned deserves a better fate that being hidden away where most clients of the new "club" will never venture.

Surely, as the RSA is bailing the Cosmopolitan Club out of a hole, one could rightfully expect that the RSA became the lead identity in the amalgamation. It appears not.

I do not wish to denigrate the efforts of the group selected to manage the amalgamation, but please let's get things sorted out by meaningful priorities.

The only positive I can see from my perspective as a Returned Serviceman is I won't have far to go from the Anzac Day parade to the traditional breakfast and libations.


Spot on
Paul Brooks comments on the new club name - Metro - for the combined RSA and Cosmopolitan clubs are spot on.

I am a long-term member of the RSA and a Cossie Club member.

The rank and file were not asked to comment on the Metro name - in any event, the name Metro is an underground rail system in Paris and not suitable for any Wanganui club.

It shows a total lack of imagination and respect for the traditions of both clubs. As a colleague commented more suitable names are available - for example, Ridgway Club.

It is time to hit the reset button.