Pushing Whanganui onto the national stage is the focus of Whanganui District Council candidate Matt Edmonds.

The Lucky Bar + Kitchen owner has put his hand up to run for council and believes it's time for Whanganui to step up.

"I want the rest of the country to look at what we're doing in Whanganui, take note and go away and do that themselves," he said.

"I see no reason why we can't lead the country in all areas, we've been bubbling away very quietly for years and I think we've got a landscape that the rest of the country can look at and learn from."


Edmonds said he supported the strategies the council had discussed and wanted to be part of the implementation phase.

"I'm really motivated by Whanganui getting itself ready for an increase in visitor numbers," he said.

"The involvement with the pilot academy is great to see. I'm really pleased with the way council has reinvigorated Whanganui and Partners, part of the real joy in Whanganui is that people want to come and work in the town."

Along with running a local business Edmonds also has experience on the Whanganui District Council Holdings Board, which he was a part of from its inception in 2002, to 2014.

In 2007 Edmonds unsuccessfully ran for council when a very low candidate turnout was expected.

"At that time the thinking was if we had to plug a hole I was happy to do it, but it was certainly not with the vigour I've got for it now," he said.

"The time and ability to put a lot in is there now, it's perfect timing for me to get involved."

Edmonds believes his ability to lobby the government for funding to fix Whanganui's housing would be an asset to the council.


"Whanganui is in a new phase because we've been quiet for a long period and suddenly there's some catch up to do.

"Council's involvement in housing is making all avenues for building permits fast tracked to help the private sector deal with the problem, but part of my motivation to get involved is that there will be some lobbying to central government to help out."