Heartiest congratulations to the large, hard-working team behind the 30th edition of the New Zealand Masters Games.

This is my third experience of the Games in Whanganui, and we had the best opening ceremony and have the best Games village I've seen in my time.

Friday's opening ceremony had the right mix of gravitas and humour.

There were the proper acknowledgments, some tub-thumping, but it didn't take itself too seriously and the informality sent the message that people have come to Whanganui to have fun.


It did, however, leave two questions hanging ...

Did smooth-talking MC Craig Hanford, who has a day job in real estate, manage to sell that rental property to any of the throng of out-of-town participants in the crowd?

And did former All Black and current Whanganui police officer Glen Osborne finally give his phone number to fellow Games ambassador Cindy Hoskin?

Whatever, the Games are under way, and the organisers have even managed to arrange the weather.

It looks like a heatwave; it feels like a heatwave ... but it is NOT a heatwave. At least, that's the official verdict.

However, it is pretty darn hot for competitors and those rules about taking on board plenty of water, covering up and being liberal with the sunscreen need to be front of mind.

We want our many visitors to enjoy their stay rather than be rushed to hospital with dehydration or sunstroke.

And speaking of visitors, I did suggest the other week that those heading to Whanganui would be well-behaved and that we would be free of the Unruly Tourists, who have allegedly plagued New Zealand and made headline across the world.


I may have spoken too soon.

Some elements of the British travellers who have been accused of littering, rudeness, aggression, not paying for meals and worse crimes were reportedly in Whanganui last week.

Local police were apparently aware of this, while Facebook has been plotting their movements.

The good news is that they appear to have now departed without disturbing the calm of the River City.

Lookouts at the city's entrance points can now be stood down.