Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club gymnasts achieved multi level success on at least three stages earlier this month.

The gymnasts were competing in the Rimutaka Championships August 6-7, the Auckland Manukau Championships the same weekend and at the Waitara Open on August 13-14.

In the Rimutaka competition 11-year-old Amardin Firaza was third on parallel bars and rings in the level 5 division, while the same weekend in Auckland 17-year-old Millie Manning was second overall on day 1 and third on bar, beam and floor on day 2 in the step 10 division.

At the Waitara Opens in New Plymouth the following weekend Jodie Dew was fifth overall in the step 1 over division, while Millie Richardson was third on vault, second on beam and fifth overall in step 1 under division. Grace Ivory (7) was second on bar, won the beam, second equal on floor and second overall in the same division.


In the step 2 competition, Sienna Gilmore (7) was runner-up on vault, first on bar and floor to take the overall win.

The Wanganui step 2 team of Sienna Gilmore, Kayla Yum (9), Chloe Bardell (9) and Sarah Couper (8) placed third In the step 5 competition, while Amorangi Rayner won the vault and was fifth overall, while Crista Yum was third on beam, second equal on floor and second overall.

In the Waitara step 10 division, Manning was first overall on day 1 and second on bar and beam on day 2.