So much can change in a week.

Last Wednesday we knew things were serious, but who knew that in a week we'd be sitting at alert level 4 of an alert system we weren't then aware of?

Who knew we'd be in lockdown, asked to stay in our houses, close our businesses, avoid our friends and family, stay away from bars, cafes and restaurants?

We're all being asked to live life differently and we know we're doing it for the greater good.


We're doing things differently at the Chronicle too, as we endeavour to continue bringing you important news and information about Covid-19 and its effects on our community.

We're taking care of our staff and doing our bit by working from home.

You'll notice the odd change in the paper too, with some sections moved around, and, understandably, less sports and racing coverage but often more world and national news.

We don't take our role as news media lightly, and we understand the importance of this role in these testing times. We are an essential service. We continue to be your trusted source of news and information.

We value your support. Thank you.

We're in this together and together we can do this.

The Whanganui Chronicle team