Someone has lost the moral compass and the map of compassion. If we could find out who it was then we could blame them for the ills of the world. This might make us feel better but then blaming is always easier than finding solutions.

Empathy, compassion, cruelty and hate are the four key points of the moral compass and it is not hard to hold this to the light to see which way the needle points and then take this as a guide to navigate how we act. This seems simple enough but the moral map is changing.

The new moral map has many new countries. There are whole states of unease where clear vision is hindered by double standards, where hypocrisy is a national sport.

The map of morals has new and expanding regions marked with the warning "There be Dragons" where leaders breathing ideologic fire scorch and destroy any opportunity for peaceful resolution that might undermine their power. A moral compass is a survival tool in such places.


Many of the moral landmarks such as compassion and respect that were once easy to find and navigate using a moral compass, are no longer as easy to get to. In many instances these moral attributes have been swept aside by an invasion of self- interest and greed.

So many moral principles have had their boundaries redrawn by fear and anger that reality is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Whole concepts have been renamed fake news. Entire states of mind have been dismissed as delusional because they challenge those in power.

All across the world those responsible for making critical decisions remain immune from the consequences. If it all goes wrong you do not resign. You might be given a gold-plated watch but there is usually no sign of a moral compass on the corner of the desk. Maybe it got lost along the way. Maybe power effects the compass needle? Or maybe they never had one?

The new moral map shows the terrain that must be crossed, the rushing rivers of information that flow down from the mountains of consumer stuff, flooding across the plains of common sense, before meet the oceans of doubt and uncertainty, leaving behind only flotsam and jetsam for the philosophical beachcomber.

To navigate this and find a path that leads to a more compassionate viewpoint requires a moral compass and companions to walk with you. A moral compass can withstand considerable rough handling, does not require batteries, recharging or an App. They are free to use whenever moral principles are at stake.