Regarding Simon Waters' editorial on Tuesday morning on fireworks:

I wholeheartedly agree that sales should be banned for the general public and only permitted for councils.

That is certainly what worked in Victoria for years before I moved back to New Zealand and beloved Whanganui six years ago. I also have to put up with the noise from November 4 through to the middle of January and am sick of it.

As most of the politicians don't have sufficient backbone to make the decision to ban fireworks, perhaps a grassroots campaign started by all regional newspapers is what is needed to get that momentum building and show the Government that communities are sick of it.


If New Zealand can go anti-nuclear through a community revolt approach, surely fireworks can be sorted.


Free services
There are some great events held in Whanganui, but they are often spoilt by not having a decent public address system.

This is surprising since there are some good sound systems available free of charge for non-profit community groups.

People like to know what's happening, and a loud hailer doesn't do the job as it can only be heard by a nearby few.

Those holding events can ask at which can provide loudspeakers, mobile public address systems, background music, pop-up tents, a food cart and more.

Being a voluntary non-profit organisation, they can't afford to advertise, so many may be unaware these free services are available.


Talking about rubbish
My memory's a bit hazy, but I'll say my last rates bill when council did pick up your rubbish was around $40.

Then council decided to contract out the work to private waste collectors.

I also recall that they were to recycle the glass, paper and plastic.

One day a ratepayer observed a Waste Management employee throw glass, paper and the plastic in the same place as the rubbish bag. This has been going on for years.

When I ran for council some years ago, the average occupancy of a house here was 1.7 people. That means there's a lot of houses with only one person. Hopefully those people fill out the household waste survey, so council realises this.

Is the dog wagging the tail or is the tail wagging the dog?

Council needs to step in and put its foot down.

EnviroWaste: "We're not picking up rubbish bags."

Waste Management: "We might not pick up rubbish bags for much longer" and "You'll have to pay for a plastic wheelie bin." At what cost?

The one-person household slapped with a monthly bill - great.

Council needs to tell these pirates to pull their heads in. If they want to operate they will have to recycle kerbside and the rubbish bag should remain.

The real sticking point is Bonny Glen - who owns this? Is it the old Waste Management or the new owners of Waste Management?


Right to life viewpoint
The Minister of Justice has declared his support for the Law Commission option three which rejects any statutory test for the killing of a child up to 22 weeks of pregnancy.

"After 22 weeks, the health practitioner who intends to terminate the life of the child would need to be satisfied that the abortion is appropriate in the circumstances."

Right to Life believes that these requirements will effectively provide abortion on demand up to birth.

The minister seeks to justify removing abortion from the Crimes Act - a law which recognises abortion is violence against women and their unborn.

The killing of the unborn since 1856 has been a serious crime, it is also a crime against women. How can the minister say it is not a crime to violently dismember the child in the womb, but it is a crime to smack the child after birth?

It is now to be a reproductive health service. The minister is seeking to make lies acceptable and murder respectable.

Right to Life

Political ideology
The article by Rachel Rose (Chronicle; November 3) on fake news caught my eye and continued to do so for a good part of its contents.

In the first part there was exhortation for facts as a basis for genuine journalism, then began the lambasting of President Trump without taking a single breath.

Her comments are in the same category as Jay Kuten, Gwynne Dyer and this morning's editorial (Chronicle, November 5).

I used to read The Guardian (UK) who had two journalists either attacking or defending a topic on the same rice paper page. No more. It has gone the way of the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN giving only their political ideology.



Cemetery well-kept
Our Aramoho cemetery is a credit to the men who work tirelessly to keep it beautiful.

There is nothing more pleasant than going for a drive to view this beautifully kept park and roses.