Dear Whanganui & Partners.

Here is an invoice for services about to be rendered should you care to read on ...

It's about this Whanganui story thing you're doing. I don't quite understand — and while that is not unusual, I may not be alone.

So you're not re-branding us, you're adding to our story? Let me get to the nub — do we get a fancy new slogan and logo thingy or not?


Because if we do, I have a suggestion. Not one — the ONE. Ready? Here goes then ... "+some".

You're floored right now, I can tell. Is "genius" the word you are searching for? Thought so. Brilliant, isn't it?

Not too far removed from what we have now, so you know ... a sort of connection going on.

But here's the thing — it's all inclusive. As in everyone.

All of us who want to promote our endeavors can benefit from it's positive vibe and energy – from our biggest industries to the city's online blogging stars who we featured in these pages last weekend.

And it has that + plus thing going for it. Very hip. Who would have thought the @ would come so far? Nothing compared with the power of the + positive, you'll see.

"Whanganui +some". Everything we have. Everybody we are. Haere mai. We may, however, need to lift our game in noughts and crosses.

That will be $35k, thanks.


That's about the same amount being invested in telling this new part of Whanganui's story. And it could be money well spent.

Having a cohesive, inclusive, accessible marketing and branding message — if that is what this is all about — makes perfect sense.

We are a different city to 10 years ago. Different people. In many ways more — dare I use this word — upbeat. We should reflect that image to the world.

But there has been an awful amount of waffle in this area over the years.

Don't leave it to amateurs like me, nor to too many committees. And don't pay silly amounts for drone footage and glossy printing.

Real and useable, please.

Btw, that's +gst.