Social justice be damned. The news of possible new birth certificate options needs to die a natural death.

This is beyond PC gone mad ... and enters into the realm of insanity.

All this gender neutral stuff and sexual preference BS has spiralled so far out of control that we are now faced with parents becoming psychic as they may now be asked to predict their newborn child's gender preference at birth.

And what is up with any government that gives such a pointless bill so much attention when the country is facing so many more much-pressing issues, like homelessness, poverty, immigration and poor wage increases, compared to the rise in the cost of living.


What if a newborn baby girl is actually happy to be a girl but her parents, in their liberal PC driven wisdom, opt for intersex or worse, X, to be printed on her birth certificate.
Is that X as in incorrect, like on a school test; X as in chromosome; or X as in X marks the spot?

And in this new world that claims to give us so much us so many freedoms, how is allowing someone else to select your gender honouring that?

It's not only farcical ... it's bloody hypocritical to boot.

Even if you buy into the whole PC/social justice crap that is rapidly flowing through the sewer of society, surely the only person truly capable of electing their own gender preference is the individual themselves and any push by the parents to have them recognised as something/someone else without the consent of those involved is surely wrong and counter-intuitive.

Call me old-fashioned but I still prescribe to the belief that gender is determined by the genitals you are born with.

Should you opt to alter those genitals, later in life, then be my guest and change your gender as you see fit. I have no problem with that.

But the mere desire to be something else/different isn't enough to warrant such an alteration to a legally recognised document.

Yes, there are medical exceptions to the rule and as such, they need to be judged on their very individual merits and with the advice of specialists.


I was born with green eyes but always wished they were blue, does that give me the right to "write blue" on my passport or driver's licence applications?

No, it doesn't ... and so why should a birth certificate be singled out as the exception, especially when the choice made is not even that of the person concerned.

What next - permission to register horses as hornless unicorns or humans as warlocks or witches, from birth?

To foist our own choice onto a newborn baby is going a step too far in our fight to "be fair", there's nothing right or fair about imposing your will on an individual that is physically incapable of making their own decision at the time and any parent who takes advantage of the change, should the bill be passed, is clearly self-serving and to those who truly believe in the rights of a child ... could also be interpreted as abusive and oppressive.

For me, "this bill" politically speaking, falls into the discretionary spending category. A roof over my head, affordable housing, heating, food and petrol are far more important than the mystery marking of an X unless it comes with equally explanatory parents.

Child - X, Father - Bandwagon Passenger, Mother - Professional "open letter" writer ... this way, at least the child has some understanding as to what's behind their misfortune. #therealgenerationX.

Wanting to be progressive is one thing but the right choices need to be made by the right voices - not those claiming their best interests, without consultation or consent.

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