Parking cheats

As a legitimate, fee-paying, card-carrying disabled park user, I find myself more and more annoyed to find fit, able-bodied motorists parked in the spaces reserved for the less able in the community.

I am not one to allow this to happen without at least asking them if they have forgotten to put their card on display and, when they admit they don't have one, asking them to move. On all but one occasion, where the person apologised, I have been either abused and sworn at or threatened with physical bodily harm.

I find this problem particularly bad at the supermarket where I shop, which is constantly advertised on our TVs by an extremely thin cartoon gentleman. It is on private property, where the police have no jurisdiction, and nothing is done by management to stop the lazy people from abusing the system.


I have managed on one occasion to involve the police, which resulted in the offending driver receiving a $150 fine. I am sure I am not the only disabled car park user — something we pay a fee for — to encounter this problem, as people seem to be able to do it with impunity.

Clearly this is an ongoing problem in our community, one which has a higher-than-average rate of people in the 50-plus bracket, so perhaps it is time something was done? Perhaps a blitz is the answer — hitting the pocket is often the only message that gets through to most people — or perhaps even a clamping regime, at least until the problem goes away.

Unfortunately, we are living in an increasingly self-centred society, which clearly shows in too many people's dismissive attitude to anyone other than themselves or those close to them.

Like most of the people in my position, I was once fit and able, but the difference was I had, and still have, respect for those worse off than myself. It's a shame this doesn't appear to have carried over to a lot of the people, especially the younger ones, in today's society.

I wish to remind people that, whichever way you look at it, laziness is not a disability.

Whanganui East

Wheelie bins

In reply to John S Slade's letter:

Wanganui is having wheelie bins put into place because we are about the only town in NZ that doesn't have them and the outdated bags went out with the ark. It also stops rubbish bags being torn open by animals, especially dogs, who still roam the streets.

Have you asked Waste Management about fortnightly pick-ups, and bins come in two sizes, Mr Slade. Maybe you could share with a neighbour.

This has nothing to do with leadership in the council, it's to keep the town looking tidy and up with the times.

As our town is ageing at an alarming rate, so will the trips to the recycling depot drop and everything will go into bins as we do not have recycling pick-ups.
Surveillance cameras will be in place at the now known dumping areas as so-called poverty folk will not be able to afford bins.

The council would have taken all this into account when they signed an agreement with Waste Management, so residents will not have to worry about extra dumping by the bag load.


Here to stay

Only six days into 2018 and messrs Scown and Partner are on the warpath.
The Maori grievance industry and Maori personification of nature criticised and ridiculed. Get it off your chests, boys, and move on.

I know what the real problem is. The Maori people and their descendants have been very stubborn and disobedient by refusing to die out as predicted by the colonials. And the brash Mr D Brash is very upset when he hears "te reo rangatira" spoken. But are not the terms "Mother Earth and "Mother Country" commonly used by many other peoples?

For Maori, it's only one way of acknowledging and teaching respect for nature.

The Christian claim of "dominion" over nature has been, and will probably continue to be, disastrous.

But in spite of all the ridicule over many years, the Maori renaissance will continue to gather pace. And if any of the three persons mentioned above are confronted with mokopuna Maori of their own, I wonder how they will react.

I wish them a happy new year and urge them to look forward to some enlightenment on racial harmony. Maori are here to stay.


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