Worth the wait

Thank you Whitaker Construction and the Whanganui District Council on behalf of all upper Aramoho residents.

We have had a few months of inconvenience while subsidence of a section of Somme Parade was being fixed, but it has been worth the wait and we now have a much improved and attractive section of roadway.

Well done, particularly the workers who laboured in all weathers.


Missing an 'i'

Interesting how a missing "i" in a word can make a difference.

In the story regarding a benefit fraudster (Chronicle, September 15), the last paragraph states: "The ministry's deputy chef executive, Ruth Bound, said: "We have put in place a range of additional measures ..."

The lady's reported occupation would suggest a recipe to ensure that no future employee would be able to "cook the books".

DOUG PRICE, Castlecliff
Chain of protest

As one of "the usual suspects" willing to be seen standing up for our environment, it was extremely heartening to attend the protest at the Duncan Pavilion.

The speeches were eloquent and to the point, and the presence of the schoolchildren was a welcome sight; their action songs were terrific.

Thank you to the organisers, including the many on the sidelines directing traffic and parking, and to all who came to make our opinion clear.

A three-storeys-deep trench along our coastline, to extract iron ore, is not the way to do things. The human chain along the beach illustrated that beautifully.

KATE JAUNAY, Whanganui
On to something

It appears Fred Frederikse is on to something with his support of tobacco smoking.

Whispers coming out of the United States suggest smokers are less likely to partake of opioids. If this is true, he is on to something and it is another reason governments should not decide what's best and try to protect people from themselves.

Back in the sixties they decided fat was the baddy, not sugar, and they regulated allowable fat levels in hamburger meat and sold people on low fat diets. They took the fat out, the food tasted crap, so sugar in all its forms was added, - bingo, an obesity and diabetes epidemic.

Politicians, on the whole, are not great thinkers, more followers.

G R SCOWN, Whanganui
Funny money

A comment on the letter by Heather Marion Smith and the money go round:

In this age of technology and with a stable political system, there is no reason for the country to borrow money for infrastructure. The international money lenders would call this funny money - but only because they are not getting a piece of the pie.

The past nine years have seen the government borrow around $80 billion and then it has the cheek to say there is a surplus of $1.5 million - now that's what I call funny money.

Unfortunately, in an election, even if if there was a party with a monetary policy independent of international money lenders, most people will vote on personality or 'What is in it for me?'

Maybe short-term gain, but long-term pain

C J ROSE, Whanganui
Home needed

Drugs, sex and rock and roll: I need a State house.

Rugby, racing and beer: I need a State house.

BOB HARRIS, Whanganui