Music from the movies will be among pieces performed by Concert Brass this weekend, who will be raising money for Ugandan water tanks.

Concert Brass is Brass Whanganui's intermediate band which includes some aspiring young players and a few seasoned mentors.

They will perform a concert this Sunday at St James Church in Whanganui East.

Musical director Bruce Jellyman said the programme of music is derived from pieces they have played at performances and contests throughout the year.


"We have grown our band size and quality greatly over the past two years and would love to show you our music.

"Most of the programme is light music from movies, shows and of course a march or two."

They will also perform Jellyman's own composition I Didn't Mean To from their most recent competition.

"Concert Brass is the band that provides players for the senior Brass Whanganui band and has many very young musicians ranging in age from 10 years up to adults.

"All of these youngsters will end up moving on up to the senior band in the next couple of years, so it will be a great occasion to hear them perform."

The concert also has another purpose as money raised will be donated to fund the buildings of water tanks in Uganda.

Tanks to collect rainwater in Uganda provide relief to communities during the dry season when freshwater sources are far from home.

Concert Brass: Sunday, November 10 at 2pm, St James Presbyterian Church, 64 Helmore St Whanganui East. Adults $5, children free at the door.