Six new people will sit around the Rangitikei District Council, according to preliminary election results.

With mayor Andy Watson already elected unopposed, all eyes were on sweeping changes to his council with six of 11 members not seeking re-election.

Gill Duncan, Tracey Hiroa, Fiona Dalgety, Richard Lambert, Brian Carter and Waru Panapa will sit at the table after 95 per cent of votes were counted.

They replace Lynne Sheridan, Graeme Platt, Dean McManaway, Richard Aslett, Ruth Rainey and Soraya Peke-Mason who did not stand.


Carter received a phonecall informing him he was leading the Southern Ward, but said he would wait for final confirmation before he considers celebrating.

"It's quite exciting, the fact that people do recognise what you stand for and are quite willing to put you into that position to represent them in the council," Carter said.

"The results haven't been confirmed as yet though, so I'm still waiting to see what happens."

And all five incumbents on the ballot; Dave Wilson, Cath Ash, Nigel Belsham, Angus Gordon and Jane Dunn have been re-elected.

Watson said he was going through the process of contacting the successful councillors and the unsuccessful candidates.

"I'm thrilled to see the councillors that have returned. I expected that because it has been a very good council to work with and some of them put a huge amount of effort in.

"I think we've got the basis of a very strong council moving forward."

Being elected unopposed gave Watson time to think about how the new council will be set up, what the working committees will be and who he could see leading them.


Watson said he will start meeting with the new councillors informally over the next couple of days.

"Now the process is talking to each one of them, seeing what committees they want to serve on and what the major drivers are behind them standing for council," he said.

"I'm loving it, it's a real thrill to be working with new people."

Deputy mayor Nigel Belsham received the most votes with 1,707 before the counting of special votes and votes returned on Saturday,

Belsham sat atop the Central Ward above Dave Wilson on 1,564, while Cath Ash (1,329), Fiona Dalgety (1,206) and Richard Lambert (1,151) rounded out the five seats.

Gill topped the Northern Ward with 648 votes, above Angus Gordon (586) and Hiroa (503), while Carter received 567 votes in the Southern Ward, ahead of Jane Dunn (533) and Panapa (453).