"I just wanted to get my grandson something for his birthday," Harriet Taniko Rowe told police after she was caught shoplifting at The Warehouse in Whanganui.

Rowe went to the Trafalgar Square store on September 19 this year, selected five items from the children's clothing section and concealed them in her handbag.

She approached the checkout, paid for a packet of baby wipes and left the store before being stopped by members of security who had been watching her on CCTV.

Rowe appeared in Whanganui District Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to two charges of shoplifting and failing to answer district court-ordered bail.


The Warehouse on Taupo Quay was not the only branch Rowe targeted; she also visited the one on Kimbolton Rd in Feilding.

"The defendant walked through the store placing 15 items into her handbag, police prosecutor Graham Hoskin said.

"She entered the changing room with the items. The defendant repositioned the items in her handbag and in the boots she was wearing.

"She tried to leave the store, but all of the items were located, valued at $213."

Lawyer Anna Brosnahan said Rowe's 34-year marriage had recently ended.

"She doesn't have a terrible history and she's been in custody for 11 days," Brosnahan said.

"What I think Ms Rowe is crying out for is intensive supervision, sir."

Judge Philip Crayton said Rowe's history of offending was more about what she had not done as opposed to what she had done.


"That's led you back to prison because you've committed offences and then haven't followed through with the sentences," the judge said.

"If it happens on this occasion, unfortunately it will repeat itself."

Judge Crayton sentenced Rowe to 15 months' intensive supervision.