Whanganui District Council candidate Dan Shand wants to see more power given to the public and is planning to do just that if elected.

"The main issue I'm running on is the public having more involvement in decision-making and reducing rates," Shand said.

"Large multi-nationals are an alternative to revenue for council, because they don't contribute very much and they do have a large impact on the public and the environment.

"They should pay what's fair which will reduce the burden on ratepayers."


Shand is one of the 29 candidates vying for a spot at council's 12-seat table.

He was born and bred in Whanganui and has spent some of his time travelling.

"I've always had an affinity with the city and I really feel like Whanganui could be the best city in New Zealand," he said. "As a city it's got real potential."

The council's relationship with iwi was an area the candidate said could be improved.

Shand will be asking the council to consider different ways of operating if successful in October.

"I'd like a closer relationship with the public, more consultation and looking into difference avenues.

"The Swiss have an interesting system allowing the public to request referendums and it's a much closer relationship with the public.

"The council should consult the public more and give the public more input on local government decisions."