Goods and services displayed at this year's Whanganui Home & Lifestyle Show attracted a lot of interest, event director Caitlyn Mackley says.

The show overflowed Whanganui's Jubilee Stadium, with a food truck, Fire and Emergency New Zealand demonstration, cars and outdoor equipment set up outside.

Parking at Springvale Park was full to bursting, as an expected 10,000 people entered the stadium, paying a gold coin to cover costs, and circulated the offerings of 150 businesses and other service providers.

Some came from out of town, Mackley said, because while Palmerston North people have their own show some like to go to Whanganui's as well. It is advertised on radio, in print and on social media.


Some visitors talked to businesses that build new houses, while others were interested in renovating or adding features like a vege pod or spa pool to their home.

A steady stream of people poured through the show. Photo / Lewis Gardner
A steady stream of people poured through the show. Photo / Lewis Gardner

Stallholders also provided services, such as hearing tests, massage and magnetic therapy. There were new products, such as a seal used to keep avocados fresh, and a bamboo pillow that retains the shape of a head.

For a second year there was also a cafe and a hall full of food and crafts - from handmade soap to preserves and children's clothes. There was lots of food to try - from dukkah to cheesecake and artisan breads.

A few of the stallholders had nothing to sell, but wanted to give advice or help. They included Whanganui MP Harete Hipango, a Red Cross group, Sustainable Whanganui and the Whanganui Regional Heritage Trust.