Whanganui small business owners and employees can now gain a new qualification without needing to take time off work.

UCOL's New Zealand Certificate in Business is a 19-week course running on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Born and Raised Pasifika administration manager Sharee Newton has signed up for the course which starts next Monday.

"I have three children of my own and it's hard to find time to study so the hours are ideal for me."


Newton has worked at Born and Raised Pasifika for more than 13 years while the preschool has been growing and developing to include a second centre established in 2016.

"There are programmes involving new skills and knowledge being developed all the time so this course will be very helpful," she said.

Administration assistant Skylah Johnson-Tuni will be joining Newton on the course.

"I'm quite new in my role and I'm looking forward to doing the course with Sharee."

Manager Hellen Puhipuhi said it is a great opportunity for her staff to gain new qualifications.

"They are the bosses really," she said.

"They keep track of what I'm doing and make sure everything is running smoothly."

Puhipuhi said there are a massive number of administrative tasks involved in running two busy preschool centres.


"They do all the work required by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Social Development, food compliance requirements, newsletters, enrolments and they document the work that I do with families.

"It's multi-skilled and multi-faceted work."

UCOL Whanganui campus manager Bronwyn Paul said the course will suit those working in established businesses as well as anyone planning to launch a new one.

"It includes training in developing entrepreneurial ideas and pitching to investors as well as equipping people with the skills and knowledge they need.

"It provides a strong foundation in small business and enables innovative ideas to become reality."

Paul said evening courses at UCOL have proved very popular.

"The beginners' photography course was very successful and students were keen to continue so we're hoping we can get approval to run intermediate evening classes."

Visit ucol.ac.nz to find out more about the New Zealand Certificate in Business course and other business courses starting at UCOL Whanganui this term.